Classes and homestay with meals – $260/week

Homestay only – $20/day, $130/week

Classes only for one person (20 hours one-to-one)  – $140/week
Classes only for one person (10 hours one-to-one) – $75/week

Classes only for 2 people traveling and learning together (20 hours) – $180/week
Classes only for 2 people traveling and learning together (10 hours) – $100/week

By the hour one-to-one tutoring – $8/hour

We also offer fun, cultural, and educational afternoon activities in Spanish at approximately $20 per person per activity for groups of 3 or more.

Finally, there is an “all-inclusive” option for groups of 3 or more that includes homestay, meals, classes, and afternoon activities. These programs are personalized especially for you, so to give you an accurate quote on the price, please contact us beforehand to tell us (1) how many people are in your group, and (2) what activities that you would enjoy.


Classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons and evenings!

Transnica Program – (1 week Granada & 1 week San Juan del Sur & 1 week Leon)

Spanish Program for volunteers (2 weeks or more) – volunteering with our school’s social projects

Spanish Program for families & children!

Spanish Online via Skype – Click on our Skype page


Transportation from Managua Airport to Granada or vice versa with a friendly driver

  • $45 (1 person one-way)
  • $50 (2 people one-way)
  • $60 (3 people one-way)

Transportation to San Juan del Sur is also available starting at $70 (1 way)

If you’d like to arrange transportation for a larger group, please contact us to discuss the price.


Wireless internet access at the school with your laptop!

Coffee, Tea, Purified water and more …


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at